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We are leading aluminium ingot manufacturer with a strong focus on quality, reliability, and innovation.

We specialize in producing premium-grade aluminium ingots that cater to a wide range of industries across the globe.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner in aluminium supply, ensuring that your business receives only the highest quality materials at competitive prices.

Aluminium Ingot Manufacturers India


We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, stringent quality control measures, and an extensive product range that meets the diverse needs of our clients.

Our commitment to environmentally responsible practices, competitive pricing, and timely delivery, coupled with our excellent customer service, makes us the go-to choice for aluminium ingot supply.

Quality & Sustainability

We hold ISO certifications and adhere strictly to international standards. Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices, use of recycled materials, and green energy initiatives reflects our dedication to responsible business practices.

Global Presence

With export capabilities and a worldwide distribution network, GMO has established a strong presence in the global aluminium ingot market. Our international partnerships and collaborations, as well as our participation in global trade events, further solidify our position as a leading aluminium ingot manufacturer.

Industries We Serve as Aluminium Alloy Ingots Supplier

We cater to a diverse range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical and electronics, packaging, and marine and shipbuilding. Our aluminium ingots are the preferred choice for businesses that value quality, reliability, and innovation.

We serve a wide range of industries, including:

  1. Aerospace: Our aluminum alloys are used in various aerospace applications, including aircraft structures, landing gear components, and engine parts.

  2. Automotive: Our alloys are used in the production of automotive parts such as wheels, body panels, and engine blocks.

  3. Construction: Our alloys are used in the construction industry for applications such as roofing, cladding, and window frames.

  4. Electrical: Our alloys are used in electrical applications such as wiring, connectors, and transformers.

  5. Marine: Our alloys are used in the marine industry for applications such as boat hulls, masts, and fittings.


  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Dental Devices
  • Medical Equipment Housings
  • Diagnostic Equipment Components
  • Drug Delivery Devices
  • Artificial Joints
  • Heart Valves
  • Medical Robotics
  • Neurological Implants
  • Vascular Clamps
  • Hospital bed gearboxes
  • Ultrasound systems
  • Patient monitoring devices
  • Hospital drug dispensing carts
  • Heart monitoring machines

  • Compressor Housings
  • Timing Cases
  • Rear Sprockets
  • Air Intake Pipes / Manifolds
  • Fuel Dispenser Meter Covers
  • Engine Mounts
  • Transmission Housings
  • Brake Calipers
  • Suspension Parts
  • Steering Components
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Drive Shafts

  • Roadway LED light products
  • LED Light Fixtures
  • Street Light Housings
  • Flood Light Housings
  • Down Light Housings
  • High Bay Light Housings
  • Outdoor Light Fixtures
  • Indoor Light Fixtures
  • Track Light Components
  • Emergency Light Housings
  • Industrial light globe guards
  • LED heat sink systems
  • All types of indoor and outdoor lighting products

  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Pistons
  • Wing ribs
  • Bulkheads
  • Brackets
  • Turbine blades
  • Engine housings
  • Interior fittings such as overhead compartments

  • Electrical Boxes and Enclosures
  • Electrical housings for LED modules
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Switch Gear Components
  • Panel Boards
  • Relay Housings
  • Bus Duct Components
  • RF filters
  • Connecting front face plates
  • Cell tower housings
  • Load Centers
  • Motor Housings
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Contactors
  • Transformers
  • Repeaters

  • Compressor Housings
  • Timing Cases
  • Rear Sprockets
  • Air Intake Pipes / Manifolds
  • Fuel Dispenser Meter Covers
  • Engine Mounts
  • Transmission Housings
  • Brake Calipers
  • Suspension Parts
  • Steering Components
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Drive Shafts

  • Wind Turbine Components
  • Solar Panel Frames and Mounts
  • Hydro Power Components
  • Geothermal Components
  • Bioenergy Components

  • Engine Components
  • Transmission Housings
  • Drive Shafts
  • Suspension Parts
  • Steering Components
  • Brake Calipers
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Generator Housings
  • Wheel Centers
  • Dashboards
  • Counter mounts
  • Steel liner inserts
  • Hydrostatic axles and chassis
  • Parts for lawn and garden tractors and similar vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Aluminium Ingot Manufacturing

Most frequent questions and answers related to Aluminium Ingots

We manufacture a wide range of aluminium ingots, including primary aluminium ingots (standard ingots, T-ingots, and sow ingots), secondary aluminium ingots (alloy ingots and customized alloy specifications), and specialized aluminium products (rolling slabs, billets, and wire rods).

Our aluminium ingots cater to various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical and electronics, packaging, and marine and shipbuilding.

Primary aluminium ingots are produced directly from the electrolysis of alumina, resulting in high-purity aluminium. Secondary aluminium ingots are made from recycled aluminium scrap, which is melted and alloyed to meet specific requirements, offering enhanced strength and durability.

Our team of experts can help you select the right type of aluminium ingot based on your project’s requirements, considering factors such as strength, corrosion resistance, weight, and cost.

We adhere to stringent quality control measures, including rigorous testing and inspection at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our facilities are ISO certified, and we comply with international standards to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Our high-purity primary aluminium ingots and wire rods exhibit excellent electrical conductivity, making them suitable for electrical and electronics applications.

Lead times may vary depending on the type of ingot, quantity, and our current production schedule. Please contact our team to get an accurate estimate for your order.

Yes, our team of experts is available to provide technical support and guidance on the best use of our aluminium ingots for your specific application.

Aluminium ingots should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from any corrosive materials. Proper stacking and handling procedures should be followed to avoid any damage to the ingots.

Yes, we can provide product samples upon request to help you evaluate the quality and suitability of our aluminium ingots for your project. Please contact our team to discuss your sample requirements.

Aluminium ingot manufacturers are companies or facilities that specialize in the production and manufacturing of aluminium ingots, which are solid blocks or bars of pure aluminium or aluminium alloys.

The manufacturing process for aluminium ingots typically involves the following steps: sourcing high-quality aluminium or aluminium alloy, melting the raw material in a furnace, refining the molten metal, casting the metal into ingot molds, cooling and solidifying the ingots, and finally, removing them from the molds.


Yes, there are different grades of aluminium ingots available in the market. The specific grades depend on the intended application and the desired properties of the aluminium, such as purity, strength, corrosion resistance, and conductivity.


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